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Enjoy an exceptional tablet experience on Canada's fastest* coast-to-coast 4G network.
  • Work or play wherever you want on a portable, lightweight and battery powered device that lasts for hours
  • Multitask and jump between numerous applications with a simple touch or swipe of the screen
  • Enjoy a rich multimedia experience via HD screens, cameras and integrated speakers
  • Check photos, watch videos, listen to music and play online games anytime you want
  • Easily respond to emails, read ebooks and view documents on the go on a large, zoomable screen featuring a virtual keyboard
  • Access thousands of apps available to match your unique lifestyle

* Based on TELUS’ tests of data throughput speeds in large Canadian urban centres available from national HSPA+ service providers. Internet access speed provided by the network operator may vary due to the device being used, network congestion, distance from the cell site, local conditions and other factors. Speed on the Internet is beyond the wireless network operator’s control and may vary with your configuration, Internet traffic, website server and management policies, and other factors. Coverage areas are approximate. Actual coverage and network services can vary and are subject to change.

Android™ and BlackBerry® tablet operating systems are powerful and offer unique benefits. Your lifestyle and daily activities can help determine which operating system is right for you.

Android™ OS

Great for users who want to customize multiple home screens for quick access to apps, widgets, shortcuts, and more.

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BlackBerry® tablet OS

Ideal for BlackBerry smartphone users interested in projecting their BlackBerry experience on to their BlackBerry® PlayBook™ for an enhanced real-time view and access to their email, calendar, address book, task list and BBM™.

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Protect your investment

Choose from a variety of carrying cases and screen protectors to guard your tablet from potential damage, scratches, and fingerprint marks.

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TELUS will help you get started

We'll set up your tablet, show you how to get connected to our 4G network and equip you with key tips so you can enjoy your tablet the minute you leave our store.


Check out our how-to videos and support information for additional tips on how to connect your tablet to your smartphone's Wi-Fi hot spot, customize your screen, run multiple apps simultaneously and more.
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Sign up for a 45-minute complimentary one-on-one learning session with one of our Learning Specialists. BlackBerry users can consult with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Pro Specialists (exclusive to TELUS) to learn how to get the most out of your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ experience.
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