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Switch to 180pxpaperless billing

Switch to paperless billing

Paperless billing is a great way to save paper, reduce clutter and help the environment. By switching off your paper bill and going paperless, you also enjoy:

  • Access to complete detailed billing statements anytime, from any Internet connection
  • Up to 18 months of viewable billing history that you can save or print
  • Secure online account access, with the ability to pay electronically and set up automatic payments

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Conveniently make a payment

Select the Billing tab to view your entire bill or check your transaction history, due date and amount owing.

You can also make an online payment, go paperless and register for e.bill, or even view an online payment demo.

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Change your plan and services

Changing your plan and services is also now easier than ever.

With one click you can view eligible features and rate plans.

Based on what plan you select, you can also estimate your new monthly bill – including what’s included, plus any additional charges.

The total monthly difference in charges between your existing and ‘new’ plans is also clearly displayed so there are no surprises.

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Manage account members

Sharing one account among two or more people?

An online account lets you determine and control everyone's level of online access, including paying bills, making changes and viewing account details. Learn more.

You can even add account members through email invites.

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What are the shared account roles and responsibilities?

Owner - The owner is responsible for paying the bill and ensuring the account remains in good standing. The owner can view account activity, add services, change rate plans and determine online access roles for all members.

Manager - The account manager is authorized by the account owner to oversee this account. The manager can view all members’ account activity, add services or change rate plans. The account manager can also determine online access roles for account members, but not for the account owner or other account managers.

Member - Account members can view their own account activity and make some changes to their own phone (such as updating the number). They cannot view or change account activity for another member.

No access - The phone user has not yet been invited to become a member by the account owner or manager. Without account access the phone user cannot view the account details.

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