The BlackBerry® Z10 is here.

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BlackBerry® 10

  • BlackBerry® Hub – Stay in touch with a single swipe

    Stay close to what's important – keep everything that matters to you in one place. Simply peek into the BlackBerry® Hub from any app with just a swipe, and flow effortlessly in and out of your messages and conversations.

  • The BlackBerry® Keyboard – A smarter way to type

    The new touchscreen BlackBerry® Keyboard provides an effortless typing experience. It learns your writing style and suggests words to help you type faster, more accurately and with the least amount of effort. And if you tend to mistype certain letters, the keyboard will remember and subtly adjust to make sure you hit the right key.

  • Camera with Time Shift Mode – Create the perfect shot every time

    Pinpoint and adjust elements of your picture to get the photo you want. Time Shift mode captures milliseconds before and after your photo - so you can scroll back on the dial to open one friend’s eyes, then forward to catch your other friend smiling, before combining it all to create the perfect picture.

  • Work & Personal Profiles – One device for work and play

    Use your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone for work, and access email, apps and documents without compromising your personal content. BlackBerry Balance™ keeps your personal information separate and private from your work data. Switch between your profiles with one simple gesture.