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Send a message

1. Enter the 10-digit wireless number of a TELUS Mobility client.


2. Type your message:

  Note: Messages of up to 260 characters may be sent. Those longer than 140 characters may be split into two shorter messages when delivered to our client.
Characters used: 

TELUS Mobility clients need to be set up with our Text Messaging feature in order to receive messages on their wireless phone or pager.

About send a message

You can send a message directly to any TELUS Mobility digital PCS or Mike phone or alphanumeric pager from this Web site.
It's easy! Simply address the message by phone number, type your message, and press the SEND button. Your message will be sent directly to the receiving mobile handset.

Other Ways to Send a Message

  • From your TELUS Mobility phone by using 2-Way Text Messaging
  • From your computer using e-mail - by addressing the message to (e.g.,
  • New! Use TELUS Text to Landline to send a text message to a non-mobile number.