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Understanding our devices

Plug the Internet Key into your laptop for High Speed Internet access on the go

With a Mobile Internet Key you can now enjoy High Speed Internet access virtually anywhere you go. Anything you can do on your laptop with a landline Internet connection you can also do while you're out and about.


Just plug the Key into your laptop and you're ready to go.

  • check your email from the train, research and download reports in a coffee shop, play video games on the bus - all at blazing fast speeds

Mobile internet keys from
on a 2 year term

Get connected with a Mobile High Speed plan starting from $35/month


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Share your High Speed Internet experience on the go with up to 10 devices.

The Mobile Wi-Fi is small, battery-powered device that lets you create a Wi-Fi hotspot and deliver High Speed Internet access to up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your laptop, tablet, smartphone, camera and more. Because it’s smaller than a mouse, you can take the Mobile Wi-Fi wherever you go without being tied down by cables or limited to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Mobile Wi-Fi is perfect for:

  • travelers, commuters, and small business owners who would like to broadcast their Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices at once while on the go

Setting up:

  • simply turn on the Mobile Wi-Fi and start powering your Wi-Fi enabled devices with High Speed Internet access for up to 4 hours without having to plug-in your device to a powered device such as your laptop

on a 2 year term

Get connected with a Mobile High Speed Flex rate plan starting from $35/month


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An all-in-one High Speed Internet service solution

Connect up to 32
Wi-Fi enabled devices

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Enjoy a 24/7 High Speed Internet and phone connection. With the Smart Hub you can create a secure Wi-Fi network at home or in a small office, and connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The Smart Hub is perfect if you:

  • live in a rural community with low speed Internet or no Internet access
  • want High Speed Internet at the cottage or cabin
  • need the flexibility to quickly and easily move your home or small business Internet connection

Setting up the Smart Hub is easy:

  • plug the device into a power outlet
  • follow a few simple instructions
  • start enjoying a continuous High Speed Internet experience in addition to home phone connection

*Phone service only available on voice capable Smart Hub

on a 2 year term

Get connected with a Mobile Internet Flex & Voice plan.


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Explore the Wi-Fi hotspot created by smartphones

Some smartphones can create a Wi-Fi hotspot – perfect for occasionally providing Internet access to Wi-Fi enabled devices such as a tablet or laptop.

These smartphones are great when you need to provide one or a few devices with internet access and don't have an alternative mobile internet solution.


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