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About Mobile Internet

Now you can enjoy a full High Speed Internet experience on the go.

Mobile Internet gives you High Speed access wherever you can connect to the TELUS 4G network.

TELUS offers the latest and greatest devices, clear and simple pricing, an exceptional client experience, and much more. Whether you need to connect 1 device or up to 32, we can help you find the right mobile Internet device.

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Full High Speed Internet experience on the go

  • Get High Speed Internet access virtually anywhere – from a rural community or cottage to a moving train, café or airport.
  • Browse at super fast speeds on the 4G network that covers 95% of Canada's population*

    Learn more about our 4G network.

  • Share your mobile connection with up to 32 devices at once

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  • Avoid the need to locate and pay for a Wi-Fi hotspot when you're out and about.

* Based on HSPA+ coverage on the shared network available from TELUS.


We have you covered

Our state-of-the-art 4G network provides amazingly fast data speeds throughout our entire coverage area. Plus, go online in over 100 countries with one of our US or International Roaming Passes.


We offer the speed you need

TELUS operates on Canada's fastest* coast-to-coast 4G network, which offers potential peak download speeds of 42 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps upload speeds1. That means that you can usually download a song in just a few seconds.


* Based on TELUS’ tests of data throughput speeds in large Canadian urban centres available from national HSPA+ service providers. Internet access speed provided by the network operator may vary due to the device being used, network congestion, distance from the cell site, local conditions and other factors. Speed on the Internet is beyond the wireless network operator’s control and may vary with your configuration, Internet traffic, website server and management policies, and other factors. Coverage areas are approximate. Actual coverage and network services can vary and are subject to change.

1 Manufacturer's rated peak download speed. Compatible device required. Actual speed may vary by device being used, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion, signal strength, and other factors. Coverage areas are approximate. Actual coverage and network services can vary and are subject to change.

Size does matter

The amount of data you use per month will vary depending on what you use your mobile internet for and how ofen you use your mobile internet. Every time you download a file, checkout an app, stream a video, send an email, or play an online game you're using data, and the amount of data used will be different.

Our data calculator can help you better understand data usage and help you find a rate plan that suits your lifestyle. Plus,
our online data notification tools can help you monitor how much data you use.


By the numbers

How much data is that?

500 MB



125,000 emails 250,000 emails 750,000 emails
OR 500 attachments sent OR 1,000 attachments sent OR 3,000 attachments sent
OR 5,000 web page views OR 10,000 web page views OR 30,000 web page views
OR 500 digital pictures OR 1,000 digital pictures OR 3,000 digital pictures
OR 30 hours of online gaming OR 60 hours of online gaming OR 180 hours of online gaming
OR 4 hours of streaming video OR 8 hours of streaming video OR 24 hours of streaming video

Note: These examples are approximations only. Estimates are based on the following data-per-activity assumptions: 4 KB/email; 1 MB/attachment sent; 100 KB/web page viewed; 1 MB/digital photo; 270 KB/min. of online gaming; 2 MB/min. of streaming video. For example, if each email is 4 KB, you will use all of the 500 MB after sending or receiving approximately 125,000 emails (1 GB = 1,024 MB; 1 MB = 1,024 KB). Actual data usage can vary and it is your responsibility to track and monitor your own data usage.

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