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Flex Data Plan for Tablets

Not sure what your data needs are for your tablet? Our Tablet Flex Data Plan automatically adjusts each month, to offer you the best monthly fee according to your data usage. Helping you avoid unexpected overage fees.

For example, if you use up to 10MB in one month, you will only be charged $5.
If you use 1GB in the next month, the monthly rate will automatically adjust to $25.

Plan Details

Flex Data Plan for Tablets1

Monthly Fee2


Data Included3 (In Canada)

Up to 10MB is $5
Up to 200MB is $15
Up to 1GB is $25
Up to 2GB is $35
Up to 5GB is $45

Data Overage4

+ 5¢/MB

U.S. Roaming Data Rate3

+ $5/MB

International Roaming
Data Rate3

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1 Available on Month to Month service term, Easy Tablet 1 Year or Easy Tablet 2 Year offers
2 Taxes, long distance, additional airtime, roaming and pay-per-use charges are extra.
3 Data used while roaming in the US is charged at $5/MB. Data used while roaming outside Canada and the US may vary by zone. Visit for details. If a SIM card is installed on a voice device, local or long distance voice minutes to Canada and the US (except Hawaii and Alaska) are charged at $1/minute. Additional voice roaming charges may apply outside of Canada.
4 Additional data is charged by the MB or GB and is rounded up to the closest KB (1 GB = 1,024 MB; 1 MB = 1,024 KB). Data usage is subject to a monthly overage limit of 5 GB

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