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Additional services: US travel passes

US travel passes

We've made U.S. roaming simple.

When you are on a TELUS pay monthly rate plan, your phone automatically works with most of your subscribed services in hundreds of cities within the United States.

You can also access Wireless High Speed (3G) roaming in hundreds of cities in the US for broadband-like connections to the Internet, corporate Intranets, email servers, downloads, streaming video and other multimedia applications.

Just like at home, airtime and long distance are billed in Canadian dollars, so you never have to worry about exchange rates.

Rate overview

Frequent travellers to the US should consider getting 30 day US roaming Passes for bulk savings on call roaming fees.

All calls made in US will be charged $1.50 per minute

Roaming minutes, including Voice Mail access, are independent of your rate plan and are not applied towards your included or weekend minutes. Voice Mail notification is not available in all U.S. service areas.

Get started

To use U.S. roaming, you need these items:

A TELUS pay monthly rate plan

You need to be on a monthly rate plan, not on a prepaid plan. Review rate plans.

Not available with pre-paid service.

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