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Got a favourite piece of music? It can be your ringtone.

Personalize your mobile phone or smartphone with the hottest ringtones from TELUS. Choose from hit songs, movie themes, or even celebrity voices to replace your current ringtone; also assign special ringtones for friends and family so you know who's calling. Download one now.

Want the latest ringtones delivered to your mobile phone every week?

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Ringtones can be downloaded anywhere within our extensive national 3G (EVDO) and digital 1X coverage areas in Canada and US. View coverage map.

Get Started

Download ringtones to your phone in two ways:

From your mobile phone

  1. Check the list of ringtone capable phones and smartphones.
  2. Access the TELUS Ringtones shop via the TELUS mobile browser.
  3. Open your TELUS mobile browser, select ‘Shop’ and then ‘Ringtones’ to enter the TELUS ringtones shop.
  4. Follow on screen purchase instructions. Prices are listed beside each ringtone1.

From your PC

  1. Browse our extensive Ringtones and Images catalogue on your PC.
  2. To access the shop on your PC, you need an online TELUS account. Register for an account if you don't have one.
  3. After your purchase is complete, a link will be sent to your mobile phone or smartphone. Please select the link to download your ringtone to your mobile phone or smartphone, or to gift your ringtone to someone.

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