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Track and manage your fleet in real time.

Gain visibility and insight into the whereabouts and activities of each of your vehicles with TELUS Fleet Tracker. Shift the way you manage your fleet operations with a solution that gives you access to your fleet's real-time status, as well as historical reporting including vehicle location, travel speed, vehicle idling, vehicle requirements, and much more.

TELUS Fleet Tracker is a GPS location-based service that allows a business’ head office to locate and monitor speed, distance travelled, direction of travel, and idle time of vehicles or an entire fleet. To track a vehicle, a modem is installed into the vehicle cabin with sensors for battery voltage and ignition on/off. The modem is tracked from the software or Web application.

Additional sensor options are available to allow TELUS Fleet Tracker to provide head-office with additional customer-preferred information, such as door opened/closed, power takeoff (PTO), and seat belt on/off, among other options. TELUS Fleet Tracker is a monthly subscription with no up-front costs.

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