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Keep your BlackBerry® running efficiently by using the latest available software.

On January 28, 2014, a new software is available for the BlackBerry Z30.

The release of BlackBerry software v provides the following benefits and enhancements for your BlackBerry:

  • Battery Life - New battery percentage indicators and power monitoring options help users optimize power consumption to deliver the best possible performances.
  • Blackberry Priority Hub - Keeps all your messages and upcoming events in one place for easy access so you don’t need to open multiple apps. With a simple pinch, see only messages that are priority.
  • Call Management with Reply Now - Reply Now offers a way to send a response to incoming calls when you are too busy to answer. Reply with a standard response or one you create.
  • Instant Previews of BBM,Text and E-Mail from any app - Preview incoming messages and respond to all your BBM and text conversations instantly in any app.
  • Lock Screen Notification - View the sender and subject of your latest email, SMS, or BBM from the lock screen.
  • Cost Management - New options allow users to better stay in control of roaming charges and optimize data usage.

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