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Pay-per-use data charges

We've changed the way we measure and charge pay-per-use data usage on mobile phones. New pay-per-use data charges will be measured consistently in kilobytes (KB), regardless of the type of phone you have.

What you need to know

This change may or may not affect you, depending on whether or not you have a data package or data rate plan.

If you have a data package or data rate plan

If you have a plan such as Package 20 or Unlimited Web browsing , you will not be affected by the change. However, if you change your data rate plan or remove your data package from your existing plan, the new pay-per-use rating model will apply after May 16, 2010.

If you don't have a data package or data rate plan

Beginning May 16, 2010, data usage charges are based on volume of data used, rather than the previous 10¢ per Web page. The new charges will be:

  • $3 per megabyte (MB) for the first 5 MB. Usage up to 1 MB will be billed at $3.
  • $1per MB for each megabyte beyond the first 5.
  • The amount of data sent or received by a device is measured in kilobytes (KB) and converted and reflected on your bill as a charge per megabyte (MB), where 1024 KB = 1 MB and 1024 MB = 1 gigabyte (GB). You'll find this fee charge noted as Data Usage under Data and Other Services on your monthly TELUS mobile bill.

Estimating your data usage

The chart below provides sample estimates on data for your reference. Please note that these figures are specific to the activity listed below.

The Average data per activity is an estimate and does not reflect the exact amount of data used per activity.
Log in to your TELUS account to accurately track your data usage.

Activity Average data per activity Sample description
Web pages 100 KB per page Facebook™, eBay™
Email 4 KB Text only (no attachments)
Email with small attachment 40 KB Smaller Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets; PowerPoint® presentations
Email with large attachment 500 KB Larger Word® documents; Excel® spreadsheets; PowerPoint® presentations
Email with graphic attachment 1 MB Average quality picture
Music download 5 MB 4-minute song
Streaming audio 1 MB per minute Internet radio
Streaming video 1 MB per minute YouTube™

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