Support: Billing

Additional resources

Clear and Simple Service fees

A description of our common service and support fees.

Our service terms explained

Learn more about changing your rate plan and upgrading your device during a service term.

TELUS Account Management

Learn how to manage your account online.

Information about your plan

Learn how to understand how your mobile high-speed data plan works.

Credit Limit Program

Credit Limit Program.

Transfer of account ownership

You can transfer ownership of your TELUS account to another person without the headaches of penalties or cancellation fees. At TELUS, we put you first.

Pay-per-use data charges

Learn how to understand pay-per-use Web browsing charges.

Alternate billing formats

TELUS Mobility will provide to subscribers, upon request, billing statements in Braille or large print.

HST and your TELUS bill

Several provincial governments are implementing changes to the taxes charged on products and services sold in their regions beginning July 1, 2010.

Adjustments to your Device Balance

Your Device Balance is the cost to upgrade or renew your device before the end of your service term.

Go paperless

Go paperless and help the environment.

Our commitment

At TELUS, we are dedicated to contributing to a better world by ensuring long-term corporate economic viability.

Understanding local and long distance calling

Local calling areas determine where you can use a phone (or a smartphone) without incurring long distance charges.

Make changes to your phone

Log in to your account to make changes to your existing phone.