Clear and Simple Device Upgrades

Clear and Simple Device Upgrades: Small business clients - After May 15, 2011

If you wish to upgrade your mobile device part way through your contract, simply pay the Device Balance fee and get a new device at full discount. This fee is calculated based on the discount you originally received when your contract began, and the number of months remaining in your contract. The longer you wait, the lower your fee.

To determine your current Device Balance, refer to your latest invoice, or log in to your TELUS account and view your e.Bill.

NOTE: The Device Balance fee may be waived if you are at or near the end of your contract.

Device Balance fee

The Device Balance fee is determined based on two factors.

  • Number of months remaining on your current contract.
  • The discount you original received on your current device.

TELUS discounts the cost of your device when you sign a contract. The discount amount becomes your device balance. Over the length of your contract, TELUS automatically reduces your device balance each month by a set amount. This “monthly credit” is equal to your original device discount divided by the number of months in your contract.

See the example below.

Full price What you paid What you saved Monthly credit amount
Motorola Milestone price:  $599.99 Motorola Milestone 3 year price: $199.99 Discount on a 3 year contract: $400.00 $400 / 36 months = $11.11 per month

If you have nine months remaining on your current contract, then your Device Balance fee would be $100.00

How to upgrade your mobile device

You can use one of the following methods to replace or upgrade your current device.


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