Our service terms explained

You signed your service term after November 21, 2010

Upgrading your mobile device

The Anytime Upgrades program now makes it possible for you to upgrade at any time during your service term by paying off your remaining Device Balance.

Learn more about upgrading your mobile device.

Changing your rate plan

If you signed up for a service commitment with a minimum rate plan, you can change your rate plan midway through your service term for no charge so long as your new rate plan meets the requirements of your service commitment. You can change your rate plan two times per calendar year. If you change your rate plan to one that does not meet your service commitment criteria, you will incur a charge equal to half your device balance at the time of rate plan change. Your device balance will also be halved and your monthly credit amount adjusted accordingly.

If your service term start date is between November 21, 2010 and May 15, 2011, the charge will only apply in the first year of your service term and up to a maximum of $200.

If you did not sign up for a service commitment with a minimum rate plan, you can change your rate plan two times per calendar year for no charge. A $10.00 administration fee is applied for each additional change per year.

Cancelling your service term

If you cancel your service term, you will be subject to a service term termination fee. The fee is your remaining device balance plus a $50 early cancellation fee.

How to calculate your Device Balance

TELUS discounts the cost of your device when you sign up for a service term. The amount of your discount becomes your device balance. Over the length of your service term, TELUS automatically reduces your device balance each month by a set amount. This monthly credit is equal to your original device discount divided by the number of months in your service term.

See the example below.

John signed a three year service term and received a $580 discount on a Samsung Galaxy Note:

Full price What John paid What John saved (Device Balance) Monthly device balance
Samsung Galaxy Note price:  $779.99 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 year price: $199.99 Discount on a 3 year service term: $580 $580 / 36 months = $16.11 per month


John decided to cancel his service term with 9 months remaining. John would pay the following amount:

Monthly device balance Remaining months on service term Early cancellation fee Total cancellation fee
$16.11 9 $50 $16.11 x 9 months = $145 + $50 = $195

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