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TELUS App House

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Price Free*

  • Most apps in TELUS App House are free to download, but some will require a paid subscription to use.

TELUS App House lets you easily download apps from a central source on your device

There are two types of apps in TELUS App House:

  1. Apps that improve your TELUS experience, like TELUS Mobile Account.
  2. Apps that TELUS has made better, like the ability to have subscriptions or credits conveniently add to your TELUS account, like Skype.

TELUS App House will also notify you when new apps are available or an update for an app is available.

TELUS App House available on BlackBerry OS 7, 6, 5 and Android

BlackBerry OS 7, 6 and 5

TELUS App House comes preloaded on all TELUS BlackBerry devices. Look for the App House icon on your home screen.

App House will be virtually preloaded onto your BlackBerry, so there is no need to download it yourself.

Android - Available now in Google play

Available on: HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Status, LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus Chat (C555), LG Optimus One with Google, LG Shine Plus with Google, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Apollo, Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G, Samsung Google Nexus S, Sony Ericsson Xperia ray, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Fascinate 4G.

Search for TELUS App House in the Android Market on your Android smartphone.

iPhone - Coming Soon!

Available on: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S

Windows Phones - Coming Soon!

Using TELUS App House

  1. Once you have downloaded it, launch App House by clicking on the TELUS App House icon on the home screen of your device.
  2. A list of apps will be displayed. Simply select one to download.
  3. You will then be automatically directed to the download page in an app storefront.

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* Data charges may apply if data usage exceeds the number of allocated megabytes in your Voice & Data rate plan or Data Add-on. Data charges will apply if you do not have a Voice & Data rate plan or Data Add-on.

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