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Basic services: Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Never miss a message again. Retrieve your Voice Mail1 messages using your handset or any phone in the world.


Voice Mail 3 and Voice Mail 10

  • Standard Voice Mail features with the main difference being the number of messages you can save (3 or 10 respectively).

Voice Mail 25

  • Transforms basic Voice Mail into a powerful message centre where you can reply or broadcast messages to group distribution lists. Save up to 25 messages.

iPhone Visual Voice Mail

  • Perfect for iPhone clients looking for the unique iPhone Visual Voice Mail experience. See up to 10 Voice Mails and select the one you want to hear first.


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1 Airtime charges apply when calling your Voice Mail on your phone. Long distance rates apply when calling your Voice Mail on your phone from outside your local calling area. Charges do not apply when using another phone to call your Voice Mail. In a TELUS digital coverage area, you will receive visual notification when you receive new Voice Mails. View coverage maps.

* The services available on your TELUS account depend upon your rate plan and handset model. If you don't see a service online, call TELUS by dialing 611 on your handset.

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Voice Mail 10 Voice Mail 25 iPhone Visual Voice Mail
per month
per month
per month

Voice Mail 3 is included with prepaid service.
Voice Mail 10 is included with all Mike plans.
Voice Mail 25 is not available for prepaid plans.
iPhone Visual Voice Mail is available to iPhone clients on all rate plans.

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